The Coming Storm

by Repellers



released July 12, 2012

All songs by Repellers. Recorded at West Philly Wires by Jon Rifenburg. Mastered at Mammoth Sound Mastering by Dan Randall.



all rights reserved


Repellers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Contaminates
Consume, consumed, contaminate
I'm falling, I've fallen, contaminate
Contaminates, contaminating
I try, I stumble and the whole gets deeper
My thoughts get darker, growing black
The tension tightening around my neck
Ever consumed by my urge to consume
I hope and pray that I'll make it out
The swarm of bullshit that follows like a plague
Reclusion, depression taking over me
Track Name: The Way Is Shut
There's terrible things in the dark
Things that shouldn't be awake
A place in my mind on a path I try not to take
This path I walk leads me to a rotten place
Alone on the path and I'm lost in it all
Alone at the edge and I'm sure that I'm gonna fall
Track Name: The Gathering Gloom
The coming storm, the gathering gloom
The swelling pressure will bring us to our doom
Pray to me, I am your only hope
Now you fear no god can save you now
Raise me up, I have come to take you down
Writhing in pain, the payment for your past
Release my judgement as you breathe your last
Get down on your knees, your time has come
Pray to me, crawl worm
Track Name: The Ghost
Creeping time goes slow as I drift bloodshot and tired
Under siege by a voice that pounds
The drilling never ends and my body suffers under the weight
As the sun rises my mind is on a gun
The hammer pounds away, there is no relief from it's crush
Tormented living soul, I am the ghost
The gears never seize, never stop, never rust
But I'll endure and I'll go on
And I'll degrade tonight again